5 Way Thinking – A Practical
Guide to Building your
Business Acumen

Our business acumen training program will help your employees to understand how your business fits together so they can make a better contribution to your profitable and sustainable growth. We believe successful employees know where your business is going, how your business connects and what they can do to increase their individual contribution

The Program
5 Way Thinking
 is an innovative professional development program that joins the dots across the 5 key areas of your business: Strategy, Customer, Market, Operations and Finance. The more your people understand the different drivers in your business the better they can engage, add value, make decisions, adapt to change and be a  part of the solution. Participants learn how to support the critical paths and relationships between work areas to deliver your competitive advantage in your market. 

5 Way Thinking
– joining the dots

1. Strategic Alignment

Identify your organisations vision, purpose and strategic direction and how you directly contribute

2. Customer Insights

Understand your unique customer needs, financial value and touchpoints to ensure you are contributing to effective service delivery across all work areas

3. Market Intelligence

Increase your competitive market and product knowledge to support change, innovations and valuable growth opportunities 

4. Operational Knowledge

Identify critical processes and relationships across your business and support workflow improvement and productivity initiatives 

5. Financial Awareness

Improve confidence in understanding and contributing to financial reports, business performance indicators, financial decision making and operational metrics.
Self Assessment and Personal Development
Your learners start their journey with a personal diagnostic indicator to help them assess their current levels of business acumen. Each component of the diagnostic is then introduced and explained through the program  framework to enable learners to build and develop their working knowledge of each element across your business. At the end of the program learners complete the diagnostic assessment again to determine their personal development growth.
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Building practical real-world capabilities:

  • Using critical thinking to solve problems
  • Aligning work with strategic objectives
  • Assessing and improving workflow 
  • Improving service delivery touchpoints
  • Understanding and supporting cost control initiatives
  • Responding more quickly and supporting change initiatives 
  • Understanding financial reports and budget implications
  • Improving inter department communications

Key Take Aways:

  • By the end of the program your participants will have completed the following:
  • Pre and Post diagnostic indicator which measures and reports individual and group business acumen improvement score
  • Completely customised portfolio of 5 key elements of clients organisation with action plan to access outstanding knowledge gaps
  • Workplace Application templates to demonstrate on the job contribution, critical thinking and planning
  • Self-designed dashboard of key operational performance indicators

What’s Included:

  • Individual pre and post business acumen diagnostic and assessment tool
  • Business acumen knowledge component – content automatically customises to client organisation
  • Business acumen application component – applying knowledge at a practical level to contribute and add value within your role
  • Facilitator guide and resources

Program Delivery Options

This program is designed to be completely flexible to work within your operational needs. It can be run by your in-house trainers or facilitated with an external training provider
Suggested delivery options include:
  • 2 day immersive
  • 6 half day workshops
  • Small group project based learning teams
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