Get your new supervisors onboarded

Once a team member has been promoted to their first supervisor role we often let them hit the ground running and assume that because they were good at their old job they will be ok to move smoothly into the role of a supervisor. 

We want them to find their feet and we figure that we will coach them as the need arises. 

The consequences of this approach is that a new supervisor often feels like they are being pushed in the deep end and they have no real way of knowing what they are suppose to be doing and how they are supposed to do it.

A better approach is to make the time to clearly explain the role and expectations. You can set someone up for success by giving them the scope of their role and your expectations so they can build their own plan for what they need to achieve. 

A quality leadership induction means you will clearly explain:

  • The expectations of being a leader
  • Reporting requirements
  • Your organisations vision, values and purpose
  • Where to access policies and frameworks
  • Support resources
  • Performance and behaviour standards

You want your supervisors to have every chance for success so investing your time at the start of their role is a good investment decision